The importance of clean air

Large parts of our private, learning, social and professional lives take place in enclosed spaces – particularly in the colder months. Whether in school, the office, while shopping or when having a relaxed after-work beer with friends, we're regularly indoors and in the company of others. We like to feel safe and secure but sometimes we neglect to consider the invisible dangers, such as viruses. We're learning, through the COVID-19 pandemic, that danger does lurk in the air, danger that we cannot see.


At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, wide-ranging measures were taken to protect us from the danger of COVID-19. Compulsory face mask-wearing, physical distancing and the recommendation to wash your hands regularly – all aimed at reducing the risk of infection via so-called "droplet infections" and "smear infections". A few months later, the experts agree – that is not enough! Aerosols, minute airborne particles of solid and liquid substances, can also be carriers of dangerous viruses. In contrast to heavy droplets, the minute particles move in the air for much longer and they can circulate very quickly and without restriction in enclosed spaces. The established ‘distance, hygiene and face mask’ rules do not work here, and that is why ventilation is now gaining importance.

The good news is that help is available and there are ways to eliminate these harmful viruses and other contaminants. Helios AirPal air purifiers can remove over 99.995% of all viruses from the air using advanced filters, including a HEPA 14 filter for the ultimate in air purification.

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