Advantages & Benefits

Helios AirPal air purifiers offer a host of advantages and benefits for the end-user. The human body is sensitive to many air-borne contaminants, many of which result in discomfort, colds and sometimes serious illness. But, much of these can be avoided if we could just breathe clean air. Now we can, thanks to the advanced technology of AirPal.


Technology for a breath of fresh air

AirPal air purifiers are equipped with a highly efficient filter concept with up to three levels. In addition to their outstanding virus protection, they also filter harmful substances and fine particles from the room air.


HEPA 14 filtration

All Helios AirPal air purifiers incorporate an advanced, multi-level filtration concept, including the HEPA 14 filter which removes 99.995% of all viruses from the room air. This includes the COVID-19 and common flu viruses. It also traps odours, allergens, dust and other air-borne contaminants. HEPA 14 is a more advanced filter than HEPA 13 and is widely used in hospital environments.


Global company

Helios is one of the largest ventilation companies in the world and has a long and successful history in ventilation and air purification. Nice to know when investing in a "new" system.


Unpack and get started

Helios AirPal is delivered pre-configured – all you need is one free power socket and you can breathe with confidence.


Helios AirPal is green

The latest EC fans ensure that the air purifiers not only operate reliably, but also in an energy-saving manner.


Enjoy the peace and quiet

Helios AirPal really impresses with an innovative sound insulation concept with quiet operation, so you will not be disturbed while your air is cleaned.

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