Air Purification

Stay Open, Stay Healthy with Hepa

Business open - Helios MarketingFrom classrooms and dining rooms through to office facilities and homes. Wherever people are present in enclosed spaces in large numbers, pathogenic germs can be transmitted from infected persons to other persons. Helios AirPal air purifiers with Hepa 14 (a step ahead of Hepa13) filtration from Comfort Solutions Ireland are a reliable way of efficiently removing aerosols from the room air.

Equipped with all the features that you can expect from a leading ventilation specialist. The units not only operate quietly in an energy-saving manner, but they are also extremely robust and designed for continuous operation. In order to provide the ideal solution for each of your areas of application, AirPal devices are available as floor-standing units for e.g. classrooms, restaurants, waiting rooms as well as rollable mobile units for flexible use in different meeting rooms depending on usage. AirPal models are equipped with the multi-level HEPA 14 filter system to combat viruses. Alternatively, units with a combined operating principle of air filtration and UV-C disinfection provide the best air purity.

Meet the range

Helios offers a range of products so there's flexibility for every requirement. Units can be mixed and matched for even greater flexibility.

There are four floor-standing units with two forms of purification technology and four "AirPal Go" mobile units. This gives Helios the most extensive and powerful range of air purifiers on the market. The usefully graded unit sizes cover all common room sizes. Floor-standing and mobile units can be used in any combination for maximum flexibility.

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How does it work?

AirPal Go smallThe Helios AirPal range is truly plug-and-play. Simply plug the unit in and switch it on. The powerful fans, incorporating EC technology for energy efficiency and quiet operation, draw air from the room, through the unit.

The air travels through two pre-filters to remove larger particles and then through the HEPA 14, a high-performance filter that meets the highest safety level with a separation efficiency of more than 99.995%. This includes the capture of the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) and influenza.

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The importance of clean air

Large parts of our private, learning, social and professional lives take place in enclosed spaces – particularly in the colder months. Whether in school, the office, while shopping or when having a relaxed after-work beer with friends, we're regularly indoors and in the company of others. We like to feel safe and secure but sometimes we neglect to consider the invisible dangers, such as viruses. We're learning, through the COVID-19 pandemic, that danger does lurk in the air, danger that we cannot see.

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Advantages & Benefits

Helios AirPal air purifiers offer a host of advantages and benefits for the end-user. The human body is sensitive to many air-borne contaminants, many of which result in discomfort, colds and sometimes serious illness. But, much of these can be avoided if we could just breathe clean air. Now we can, thanks to the advanced technology of AirPal.

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