Mary O' Gara, Ballintober

External & Flat Roof Insulation

I have a bungalow built in 1950 with solid walls. It was always difficult to heat. Comfort Solutions insulated it on the outside for me. It made a huge difference. My house is much warmer and retains the heat longer. I use less fuel. I was satisfied with Comfort Solutions. They did a good job for me.

Mary asked us to insulate her stone and mass concrete built home, including her flat roof extension roof, without any disruption on the inside of her home. This was not a problem as we externally insulated both the walls and the flat roof. We insulated the curved bay windows without issue, whilst maintaining the curves, something that some other contractors could not do. Mary notices a huge difference in the comfort of her home with it being much easier and cheaper to heat.

 Mary O Gara, Ballintober, Co. Roscommon

O Gara EIFS beforeO Gara EIFS complete

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