Wood Pellet Insert Stoves

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Kalor offer a fabulous selection of Insert Stoves which are of beautiful design and fit into any interior, whether contemporaru or traditional. Suitable for installation on a hearth or built in further up the wall, Kalor Insert Stoves provide a dramatic and stunning focal point in any room. With efficiencies of almost 90%, you won't find better in terms of efficieny either. 

A Kalor Insert Stove is easy to remove for servicing and maintenance and has a drawer system for easy loading of wood pellets. They are fully automatic, programmable and are offered with an easy-to-use remote control.

All Kalor Insert stoves are Air Stoves, in various sizes, at present but do keep a look out here on our website for a new boiler stove model coming soon.  See below for available models.


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  Paola 13kW Insert Stove SymbolAir Stove Symbol  Chiara 15kW Insert Stove SymbolAir Stove Symbol
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