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The Kalor Francesca 17B is a 17kW Boiler Stove offering great design in conjunction with a highly efficient boiler. The Francesca 17B is available in three colours and offers class-leading efficiency at 96%. It's great value for money and a really inexpensive way to provide heat for your home whilst protecting the environment.


Francesca 17B installed - charcoalKalor Francesca 17B Features:

  • Sleek, modern design

  • Superb value for money for a boiler stove

  • Stunning aesthetics

  • Monoblock - steel structure, hand welded

  • Removable, air tight ash box

  • Neat, integrated boiler

  • Integrated expansion vessel

  • Programmable LED control panel

  • Thermostatic control

  • Nine-step power setting

  • High temperature resistant, glass-ceramic window

  • Remote Control

  • Choice of colours

  • Control via Smart-phone app (optional)



Technical Data

Francesca 17B

Average Thermal Heat Input (Min - Max)kW5.1 - 17.0 
Performance Efficiency (Min - Max)%94.5 - 95.9 
Nominal Overall Power Yield (Min - Max)kW4.89 - 16.1
Output To Water (Min - Max)kW4.04 - 12.35
Output To Room (Min - Max)kW0.85 - 3.75
Approx. Heating Capacity - Poorly Insulated Homem280 - 260
Approx. Heating Capacity - Very Well Insulated Homem2235 - 775
Pellet Consumption (Min - Max)kg/hr1.04 - 3.46 
Pellet Hopper Capacitykg33 
Approx. Burn Time (Min - Max)hr9.5 - 31.5
Flue Outlet Diametermm110
Electrical Requirement (Working)W110
Electrical Requirement (Starting)W320
Net Weightkg160 
Heightmm 1,120
Widthmm 520
Depthmm 580
Recommended Retail Price (Incl. VAT)3,660

All data is calculated to be as accurate as possible but is indicative only. Changes in specifications and products may change at any time and without notice.


The following colour options are available:

Francesca black

Francesca white

Francesca bordeaux


Downloads for the Kalor Francesca 17B:

 pdfFrancesca 17B Technical Data Sheet

Please contact us today to find out more about Kalor wood pellet stoves and learn how one could improve your lifestyle.

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