Wood Pellet Boiler Stoves

Moma Boiler Stove Installed Image

Boiler Stove SymbolBoiler, heats water & radiators. 

Thermorossi Boiler Stoves offer a highly efficient back boiler, with a wide range of outputs and heating capacities. They also offer a visible flame and a portion of heat to the room in the normal way.

A Thermorossi Boiler stove can be installed to provide all your central heating requirements or can be designed to make a contribution to your existing central heating system, the choice is yours.

Please note: Comfort Solutions Ireland also offer a range of wood pellet boilers which are generally installed in a shed and to provide all central heating and hot water requirements.

Thermorossi Boiler stoves are offered in Traditional and Slimline models. See below for available models and contact us for any further details or information you may require.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.





  Essenza BoilerBoiler Stove Symbol  Dorica MetalBoiler Stove Symbol ChicSlimline Stove SymbolBoiler Stove Symbol   Moma Boiler Stove Symbol
Dorica Meta - WhiteDorica Metal - Bare ImageChic Boiler - Bare ImageMoma Boiler Bare Image
Redonda 17B Boiler Stove SymbolMarta 20BBoiler Stove SymbolDaniela 20BBoiler Stove SymbolRedonda 20BBoiler Stove Symbol

Redonda boiler black

Nux boiler 24 white-001Ceramic boiler black Redonda boiler red
 Ilaria 24BBoiler Stove SymbolNadia 24BBoiler Stove SymbolRedonda 24BBoiler Stove SymbolSonia 28BBoiler Stove Symbol
Nux boiler 24 black-001Ceramic boiler whiteRedonda boiler whiteCeramic boiler red 
Ada 28BBoiler Stove SymbolAlice 32BBoiler Stove SymbolDora 32BBoiler Stove Symbol

Nux boiler 24 bordeaux-001Ceramic boiler blackNux boiler 24 white-001 


Please click through to the various models and don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

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