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The most efficient and reliable wood pellet stoves on the market! Click on stove symbols below to navgiate to our huge range of wood pellet stove models.

Comfort Solutions Ireland are delighted to supply and install Thermorossi Wood Pellet Stoves. Thermorossi are established in a province renowened for its metal working tradition, and open to modern technology. Thermorossi products are constantly subject to strict tests by agencies in order to evaluate their manufacturing features, thier efficiency and CO emmissions, and the quality of manufacturing process itself. Every manufacturing phase, from laser-cutting to bending, welding and assembling forms an intergral part of Thermorossi's heritage. Thermorossi manufactures according to more modern technologies and every product is tested in warehouse for atleast one hour prior to its departure from their warehouse.

Please continue to navigate our website to view only a number of the models we have available and use the following symbols below to help identify the stove which suits you. Please contact our office for a more comprehensive list of our models available at any time through our website contact form, by email or by calling us on (098) 42699.

Choose from the following options to be directed to our range of stove models:

Air StovesBoiler StovesDuctable StovesSlimline StovesInsert Stoves
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Air Stove SymbolBoiler Stove SymbolDuctable Stove SymbolSlimline Stove SymbolInsert Stove Symbol


Air Stove SymbolAir StoveA stove which supplies all of its heat to the room in which it is placed. The distribution of the heat is assisted through a small fan.
Boiler Stove SymbolBoiler StoveA stove with an integrated boiler; a boiler stove is suitable for Direct Hot Water and/or central heating. It is suitable for radiators and/or underfloor heating.
Ductable Stove SymbolDuctable StoveA stove, without a boiler, but with one or more "ducts" at the rear of the stove which can easily distribute some or all heat to adjacent rooms through a simple pipe (duct).
Slimline Stove SymbolSlimline StoveA stove designed to save space. Kalor Slimline stoves are only 249mm (10 inches) meaning they are not intrusive into any room in which they are placed.
Insert Stove SymbolInsert StoveA stove which can be inset into a wall, with only the front "facia" of the stove visible after installation. Insert stoves are very neat and have a "TV screen" appearance.










Room Control

Room wireless thermostat, battery powered, easy to install with its wall support. It sets the desired temperature on the display of the stove and the heat in house is always under control. The Room Control offers the best comfort and with the exclusive iControl app, it allows temperature adjustments remotely. You can change the temperature in the room at any time, when you are in your living room or on the other side of the world.

PelletPower® Advanced Cleaning

The new, more precise and refined construction technique guarantees safety and emissions under control. With Pelletpower residues of burning are removed by the automatic syste keeping the hole which take air to the burner completely free.  Higher burning efficiency compared to traditional burners. PelletPower® maintains the correct rate of oxygen keeping the efficiency of combustion stable for longer periods of operation.

Tested in warehouse prior to departure

Every unit is tested for 1 hour in Thermorrossi factory, prior to its departure to the end customer.

Remote Control Via App

Your stove on your smartphone! Wherever you are, everything is under control. exclusively the Thermorossi iControl Web-App together with the wi-fi (optional) module allows you to connect to your home stove at any time to activate many functions remotely. Turn your stove on and off. Set the temperature, set the operating hours on a daily and/or weekly basis & check the operating status of the stove and any alarms.


Thermorossi wood pellet stoves bring an unrivalled suite of controls and safety parameters to all models. All stoves can be programmed to switch on and off themselves, very useful to have that room nice and warm when you get up or arrive home from work. Thanks to the emotional flame the vision of the fire is even more beautiful and exciting. A more pleasant flame because it is less drawn in and wider and more natural, the magic of fire in a modern and technological "frame" with minimum emissions and high performance.

For more information, please contact us; our experts will be happy to assist you or click the buttons below to be directed to our stove pages.


Air StovesBoiler StovesDuctable StovesSlimline StovesInsert Stoves
Air Stove SymbolBoiler Stove SymbolDuctable Stove SymbolSlimline Stove SymbolInsert Stove Symbol

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