Solar Thermal Systems

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Solar panels or solar tubes are now a common site on Irish roofs. This is because the benefits are there for everyone to see and we have learned that the technology does work IF it's installed correctly. It is of paramount importance that this equipment is supplied and installed by experienced and expert personnel and not by cowboy operators who often offer cheap prices and quick installations. These cheap systems often don't have the correct components and may not withstand the high temperatures often endured during solar heating, leading to high maintenance and repair bills. Contact us today to talk to our experienced team and learn more about our systems.

Solar thermal is almost exclusively for Domestic Hot Water (in Ireland), heating water in a cylinder for everyday uses such as bathing and cleaning. The technology can also be used to provide space heating although this is uncommon in this country due to the lack of sunlight hours during the months in which it would be most needed. Please beware of unscrupulous providers who will try to sell you solar technology for heating! Logically thinking, when we have so little sunlight in winter and so much in summer time, how could it make sense for heating our homes?

Solar Technology is not a new phenomenon. It has in fact been used since the 7th Century BC! What we now know as passive solar, was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a means to light and heat their buildings and save on heating fuel.

How ironic that 2,800 years later, we are still doing exactly the same thing. We still use passive solar in the design of our buildings and now also more advanced technologies such as solar thermal collectors and solar PV. These are used to harness the power of the sun in water heating and electricity generation applications.

In Ireland, we don’t have very high levels of direct sunlight compared to other parts of the world, but we can still achieve substantial levels of output from solar thermal technologies. Comfort Solutions Ireland provides high-end solar collectors and products which do not require direct sunlight in order to operate very productively. We supply all required accessories to accompany our collectors such as pumping stations, control panels, piping, fluids, etc. We carry out installations through-out Connaught and only use fully trained, fully qualified technicians to carry out these installations. Furthermore, we maintain our systems and can even look at maintaining or repairing other systems if your supplier has left you with no back-up service.

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Client Testimonials


David and Margaret Edis, Newtp

I found Comfort Solutions through their web site. I contacted them and they came very quickly to give a quote on the day and at the time that was requested. Our loft although lagged was not up to current specifications. 

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Martin Roche, Ballinamore

External Insulation

I was very impressed by the no-nonsense approach of the contractor, the price was agreed the contract completion date set and I was kept informed of progress and problems at all stages of the contract, everything was completed on time with no extras, the site was cleaned up every evening,... Read more

Eithne O’ Malley, Westport

We had our attic insulated last year by Comfort Solutions and have been more than happy with the results.

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Brendan Coyne, Castlebar

Solar Thermal & Condensing Boiler

I am delighted with the results of the work done on my house. Particularly pleased with the solar panels to date. High efficiency boiler is very effective.

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Matthew Warrington, Claremorri

In 2016 Fergus and his team installed Lunos ventilation systems into various rooms in our house. In the bathroom and en-suites moisture is now automatically removed, while the system in a sitting room provides fresh air. That particular room maintains a good, even temperature.

Additionally, we suffered from water penetration... Read more

David Prentice, Tourmakeady

External Wall Insulation

Comfort Solutions Ireland have just completed an excellent job on this cottage of ours in Co. Mayo. I can recommend this firm for efficiency and leaving a premises neat and tidy. The result is a much more comfortable holiday home for our family. Read more

Emer Blackwell - Mechanical ve

We are delighted with the work Comfort Solutions did in our home. The attic and cavity insulation has made the place much more cosy and the Lunos ventilation system has greatly improved the air quality. We never... Read more

Rachel Antoine, Monasteraden

Attic insulation & Ventilation works

In 2017 I contacted Comfort Solutions to install the Lunos EAS system as a retrofitted ventilation/extraction solution for my home. The installation was carried out very well. Their work was neat and they quickly tidied up any small bits to plasterwork and surrounds. As I wasn't... Read more

Dermot Lavelle, Westport

Cavity Wall & Floor Insulation

I thoroughly recommend Fergus and the team at Comfort Solutions. I recently had a cavity fill and underfloor insulation carried out at my father's house. As he is elderly and living alone, maximising heat conservation while saving on energy bills is of great benefit and it... Read more

Padraig and Margaret Doyle, Ba

We had external wall insulation installed on our detached bungalow and had an attic insulation upgrade during the summer of 2017. We are very pleased with the results as our house is now much cosier in winter time and holds the heat for much longer after the heating switches off... Read more