Deep Energy Retrofit

1. CSI Main Corporate Photo 2018This scheme offers very significant funding, to completely transform customer homes into warm, efficient & fresh spaces that are cheap to heat & extremely comfortable. The Deep Retrofit programme has been designed to give substantial support to homeowners who are willing to invest in their home and bring the BER of the building up to at least an A3. Bringing your home to this level of efficiency means that your energy bills will be very low for the rest of the building's lifetime, that your home will be extremely comfortable and enjoy steady temperatures and that the air quality within your home will be of a very high level.

Basically, your home would be completly transformed into an energy efficient one, that has implemented a varity of energy efficient and cost effective measures. These measures include fabric insulation, windows & doors, air tightness, renewable heating systems and mechanical ventilation. These works can represent a significant cost, usually in excess of €50,000 and may cause substantial disruption in your home, depending on the works required.


So, what next?

If you own your own home and you are looking to upgrade the energy efficiency of it to an A-rated one, the Deep Energy Retrofit grant might be for you.

Grant funding under this scheme will cover around 50% of your overall costs! The scheme is in a pilot phase and homeowners cannot apply directly to SEAI. Applications can be made through us, a registered SEAI contractor who is operating a Deep Retrofit programme of our own. Any contractor who is taking part must have the capacity to carry out multiple measures on your home and several others, all at once. This is our bread and butter (we've done hundreds of similar ones) and you're home would be in good hands. We are currently inviting applications to our 2019 Deep Energy Retrofit scheme and would love to hear from you.

To apply to our Deep Energy Retrofit programme, please contact our sales team on on [email protected] and explain a little bit about yourself and your home. Please note that we must limit applications to homes that we deem to be suitable to our scheme to maximise the possiblity of funding being approved and the number of homes we can deep retrofit.


Should you not be interested in a deeper retrofit, but would like to consider some of the measures above, please check out the Better Energy Homes programme where more funding is available on an individual measure basis.