Better Energy Community Scheme

SEAI logo with textThe Better Energy Community Scheme is a national retrofit initiative, operated by SEAI, where funding is granted to a wide range of buildings within a community to make them more energy efficient. The aim is to deliver energy savings to homeowners, communities, and private sector organisations as part of an overall application. All projects should be community oriented with a cross-sectoral approach, and it must be shown that the proposed project can be sustainably financed.


Better Energy Community scheme funding is available to:

  • Private homes built before 2006 - no minimum requirements - up to 35% funding
  • Private homes built up 2011 can be funded IF they achieve a minimum of an A3 Building Energy Rating - up to 35% funding
  • Local Authority Homes - up to 35% funding
  • Housing Association Homes - up to 50% funding
  • Private homes where homeowner is in receipt of the Winter Fuel Allowance - up to 80% funding
  • Private businesses - up to 30% funding
  • Public sector - up to 30% funding
  • Community/Not-for-profit groups/facilities (community halls, sports groups, schools, etc.) - up to 50% funding

Individual home and business owners, community groups, etc. can decide themselves what measures they wish to undertake and must be in a position to finance their own measures in full until grant funding is paid. Part of the application would include proving that suitable funding is in place.

SEAI community photoSupported measures include:

  • Insulation upgrades
  • Heating system upgrades (wood pellet boilers or heat pumps)
  • Advanced heating controls upgrades
  • Mechanical ventilation systems
  • Lighting upgrades - upgrade to low energy lighting
  • Renewable energy - solar hot water, solar PV, heatpumps, etc.
  • Window/door upgrades
  • Refrigeration upgrades
  • Electric Vehicle chargers
  • Deep retrofits - per Deep Retrofit scheme guidelines

If you're interested in submitting an application for your community, please contact our sales team today on (098) 42699 for more information or email us to [email protected]